Thursday, November 17, 2016

America: The best of all worlds - Or is it?

                                                             America: The best of all worlds
Or is it?

(Generation "success" or "failure"?)

The digital age(or the age of ignorance?):

Note: Later on, I will reveal to the reader the real world.

 Modern technology has taken giant strides in the past couple of decades. Sophisticated computers are something that we carry around almost everywhere we go since they are our cell phones. Tablets, laptops, and smartwatches are part of the mobile device revolution. Smartphones can be put in our pocket.

 With a personal computer and these mobile devices, we can connect with myriads of people using social media. We now make new friends, go shopping, read the news, and we can also find love with dating apps - all of this made possible through our new found miraculous freedom which the world has called "the internet.".

 And theres more - within a certain domain of careers, when we are not at the place that we work, no longer do we need to wait to finish our work. Remember, time is money. We can take our work with us. We can check emails and answer calls with our (cell phones)smartphones. We can also use a portable tablet to finish our projects. We can use "work apps" such as "linkedin" so that you can have a network of people who can help you with a job. Another app one could use could be something like "lastpass" in order to quickly use social media for marketing purposes.

 What else? Within the realm of education, things have taken a drastic turn: unlike a couple of decades ago when public electronic information was unavailable, we now have immediate access to information online because of vast quantities of information being instantly available via web search engines. What this means in terms of our level of intelligence is that we now have more faster and efficient minds than what was for the generations before us.

Life expectancy in the 21st century - the fate of biological life:

 Modern medicine has taken incredible leaps over the past couple of decades. As of 2016, life exptectancy is now about 78 years. There are new and effective pharmecuatical agents that eliminate symptoms of many terrible diseasess, viral infections or sinister microbes in general, cancers, blood disorders, physiochemical dysregulation, and symptoms of organ failure.

 There are now new and improved surgeries to treat cancers, organ failure, obesity, and acid reflux disease.

 Gene editing is the latest marvel of medical science. Using an RNA molecule, medical specialists can now target a specific gene and either remove it or move it elsewhere. The technology is called CRISPR. Diseases of a simple cause: the cause of one faulty gene such as sickle cell anemia or Huntington's disease are now treatable to full recovery.

 Dating back to the 1950's, we can view the results of the relevant scientific inquiries into our life expctancy. We can explore the history of this by our investigation into the advice given to the public in regard to healthy lifestyles coming from the United States Department of Agriculture / USDA.

 Starting from the 21st century, the scientific medical community has been working more diligently than ever to find out how to eliminate the factors that can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. In the early 1960's, it was firmly established that saturated fat was the devil. But things have changed. Now since this year of 2016, the enemy which can lead to heart-disease and diabetes comes from the sugar industry: sugar; as in what we find in soda pops, cookies, and ice-cream.

 This unhealthy lifestyle which is sometimes hard to treat - what we see advertised in the popular media is adult and childhood obesity. Soon, there will be new pills out in the market to target the molecular mechanisms which contribute to this enviromental and physiochemical phenomenon: revealed from an up to date stastically dervied data analysis. There are already popular surgeries out there within the medical community which eliminate the suffering caused by overeating - its called "biatric surgery".

 The anti-sugar movement: (as of 2016) It is now of significance that the phenomenon relating our enviromental influences have been unraveled; A new enviromental phenomenon of epigenetics has been discovered: "A range of diseases — from diabetes to cardiovascular disease, and from Alzheimer’s disease to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder — are linked to changes to genes in the brain. " These genes have been tested in lab mice and the results coming from the lab mice seem to indicate the impact of a kind of sugar - high fructose corn syrup - on the DNA methylation processes in humans.

 A Canadian study linked the neurotransmitter hormone serotonin with obesity; Fat cells interact with this neurotransmitter. "This obesity problem is so immense that lifespans, it is predicted, may begin falling, rather than rising, for the first time in history". Soda pops contain high frustose corn syrup. Here in America, Soda pops are under so much scrutiny that state legislators are wanting to put warning lables on them in order to deter people from their consumption.

 Government guidelines (coming from the USDA in the year 2016 etc) such as the recommendation to lower sodium intake and avoid foods that are high in saturated fat are based on research of rigorous accuracy.

  With the rapid pace by which technology develops, the pharmecuatical industry is going through a revolution with its drug design using pharmacogenomic information. The development of personalized medicine encompasses genetic information for pain, hypertension, dyslipidemia, arrhythmia, depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and more.

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